Angie's List Reviews


"We Have Had Them For Four Or Five Years."

I got them from Angie's List. They come over every two weeks. We have had them for four or five years.


"Did An Excellent Job Cleaning The House."

Called to say would be 30 minutes late. Arrived within 30 min. Did an excellent job cleaning the house.


"They Were Fantastic And Very Professional. "

Great! They were fantastic and very professional.


"They Did An Impeccable Job."

Marli's team has now cleaned for us twice, and on both visits they did an impeccable job. All the basics are covered (floors; tub; kitchen applicances, etc.), but they also detailed the woodwork; wiped down tables and chairs (where possible); vacuumed into the deep corner…


"The Final Product Was A Sparkling Clean House."

This was a post floor refinishing clean before we moved in. The house was a mess. They called to confirm, showed up on time and kept us updated throughout the job. The final product was a sparkling clean house. We plan on hiring them on a permanent basis.


"She Is Trustworthy."

She will spend as much time as she needs to make sure the job is done properly and she is trustworthy. When I signed up as a new customer she did an assessment so she would know what to bring. Very comprehensive website of haw she cleans.


"Marli And Her Staff Do An Absolutely Amazing Job "

Marli came in for an estimate. We discussed the price over the email. We set up a time for a first deep cleaning. They arrived on time. The cleaning took longer than expected. Other than that everything went great. I have they come every week for maintenance cleaning. Marli and her staff do an absolutely amazing job cleaning my house!!!!


"Very Professional And Always Prompt."

Prices were very reasonable. They were very flexible with their schedules. Very professional and always prompt. Adjusted their cleaning products for our families needs. Sensitive to children and allergies!


"Recommend Them To Anyone"

They cleaned the entire apartment in under two hours and left it sparkling. I would definitely hire them again and recommend them to anyone in this area who needs a cleaning service.


"They Are Very Thorough Each Time."

First Marli came and discussed what they would do and gave me a good quote. The first time they arrived with 3 people and the place looked the cleanest it ever had after only two hours. They are very thorough each time. They show up reliabily every two weeks, and I don't have to call or worry about it. It is a joy to come home after they have been here.

When they had difficulty with our dead bolt, they called immediately and worked with us to get the cleaning done the next day. Marli was concerned about the health of my cats and only used water to clean the floor the first time. Now they use the natural cleaners that I provide. I just recommended her to one of my collegues earlier today.


"She Has Done A Fantastic Job"

I have worked with Marli for over a year (she cleans my office monthly) and she has done a fantastic job at cleaning my 3 room office suite. She has done so well, that other professionals in the building also utilize her services.

I originally located her cleaning company on Craigslist and she was very good at getting back to me. She is a very sweet, engageable person and very attentive to detail. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!!


"The Employees Did Such A Wonderful Job."

This all went very well. Contacted Marli and she came out to give me an estimate. She called me with the estimate and e-mailed me We agreed on a date and time to do the cleaning. The employees did such a wonderful job.

I would reccomend this company to others. I am considering a Bi-weekly cleaning.


"They Have All Done A Fantastic Job"

We have been incredibly pleased with Marli and her team. She was very responsive to our first inquiry, came by to see our place and give us a quote, and then she has been coming every two weeks since. She has a small team of very friendly women working with her, and they have all done a fantastic job and are trustworthy and reliable.

We have a very small apartment and two cats but they do a great job making it look (and smell) sparkly clean - it's a huge help and worth every penny. We really appreciate that they use our cleaning products, and although we have a vacuum they bring their own, which honestly does a much better job, and they must be using it on the couch cushions because it has been looking newer lately. I would certainly recommend Marli and her team.

Marli and her team are very thorough. The initial cleaning left us amazed at how clean our apartment could be. All of the major things were done (entire bathroom, rugs, floors, kitchen sink and counters, windowsills, thorough dusting of all our wood furniture) plus minor things I wouldn't have expected, like our bookshelves had been given a thorough dusting (including removing the books) and our toaster oven was cleaned out.

The "upkeep" cleanings every two weeks continue to impress us - it always looks cleaner than I would have gotten it myself (including cleaning under couch cushions and ensuring not a single speck of cat litter is outside the box).


"Marli's Cleaning Does A Consistently Great Job."

Marli's Cleaning cleans the first floor of our house every other week. We've used Marli's Cleaning since the springtime. We've always been very pleased with the service.

The same two women have been cleaning our house since April or May, 2014. In the beginning we were having trouble getting on the schedule for the day we wanted, but Marli worked with us and came up with a creative solution. I hope they're as happy with the schedule as we are.

I was amazed when I came home and discovered they had cleaned the coffee pot! Our previous service never did this, and we paid them more money.

Marli's Cleaning does a consistently great job. I'm often still surprised at something that has been cleaned that I rarely even notice. I think I notice because it's clean! We love the service.

One other point: I was laid up for a couple of months last summer, so I was home several times when the cleaning team came in. They didn't seem to mind at all; they literally cleaned around me.


"This Company Is Really Good."

We use them all the time. We paint around the Boston area for companies most active. The charge depends because we have three or two rooms or studios. They does not go by straight price, it depends on how many rooms and on the size of the rooms. It usually varies. Why we chose them was because they were very affordable and very good. I like her because the price is very good.

She is very decent with the cleaning. I had some cleaners before that, they don't do the baseboard on top of the windows and she makes them do all those. This company is really good. They are kind of advance. Their price and quality of work is good. They are great in terms of responsiveness. I have nothing bad to talk about them. I will continue to use them in the future and I would recommend them to others.