Audio Testimonials

"I Would Recommend Her Business To Anyone And Everyone"

"Hi! My name is Sophia from Boston, Massachussetts. I am calling to give a testimonial reference for Marli's Cleaning. Marli has been cleaning for me for about 6 months. Specifically, Ruth and Betsy. I can't say enough about how wonderful they are.

First of all, they are great cleaners. They get down on their hands and knees and get in to the nooks and crannies and crevaces and they clean things that I didnt even think about but that needed to be cleaned. They're just really thorough.

Second of all, I have a baby and so sometimes it's a little too choosing when they show up I got the baby and the baby might be crying, or it's time to feed the baby and there are toys everywhere and they never give me the impression that they're bothered, that I'm in their way.

They just roll with it. They're kind to me, and sweet to the baby and I just look forward to seeing them on Thursdays when they come to clean my house.

Not only because my house sparkles and it's clean and smells nice after they leave but because they're just a joy to have around. I can't say enough about Marli's Cleaning and I would recommend her business to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much. Bye, Bye."

Ms. Sophia
Boston, MA

"I Would Definitely Recommend Them To Anybody"

"Hi my name is Ted. I'm from Waltham, Massachusetts and I just really want to give my thanks to Marli's Cleaning. Her team have done such a good job and they've been very consistent, and they're very thorough and they're just so awesome really at what they do.

It's really awesome, even though we only have our house cleaned once a month they always make the house look so nice and it feels so clean, and so thoroughly done each time. It's just really mind blowing.

I would definitely recommend them to anybody who's interested and definitely appreciate their services. So thank you."

Mr. Ted
Waltham, MA