Video Testimonials

"I Would Absolutely Recommend Marli And Her Whole Team"

"My husband and I have been using Marli's Cleaning for over a year now, and we've been extremely happy. The first time we came home we couldn't believe how clean the house was, and we were so excited, and it smelled clean, and we were so excited about it. So we'd recommend it.

We've talked to friends and we've been so happy. A lot of times our friends come over and they're impressed with how clean our house is. So we're both very busy and we just decided to go with a cleaning service, and we are so happy that we did that.

So with Marli and her team, every time they come, you know they come every two weeks to our house, and the house is spotless, and we get excited. Our kitchen is always, you know, everything's so clean. We get friends come over and make comments about how nice the tissues look, and even the toilet paper looks fancy. So we've been really happy ever since your team started here."

What do you think about the pricing, is it affordable?

"Yes the price is great. We were really happy with the cost, and surprised with how good quality the service was, for what the cost was. So yeah, we've been really happy about that."

What about the time that we come to clean your house, are we reliable?

"Always, yes, Always reliable, and flexible with our schedules. You know, a couple of times we had to cancel because we were away on vacation for a few weeks, and you were completely fine with that. Very flexible and open to any changes, so that's been really great. Always on time yeah."

Do you recommend?

"Yes, I would absolutely recommend Marli and her whole team. Yeah absolutely, and we've talked to friends about it, and highly, highly recommend it."

Ms. Alison
Boston, MA


Ms. Alison And Marli
The House Is Spotless, And We Get Excited.
Always Reliable, And Flexible With Our Schedules.
Surprised With How Good Quality The Service

"I Really Recommend Her And Her Team"

"Hi, I found Marli thought the website and I've been very impressed with all the girls that come to clean every week. They're always here on the time that Marli tells me that they are going to come. Marli's also very flexible. Sometimes I call her and she does my schedule whenever I ask her, and I really like that.

They are very reliable, always come and the house looks very clean, and they are always very detail oriented. Like everything is clean, you can make sure that even like underneath the sofas, the bathroom, everything looks spotless. I really recommend her and her team, just contact her and you'll be very happy with it.

Oh, the prices actually, I'm surprised, like how great the price is. I've actually hired other people in the past, not in this apartment but in another apartment here in Brooklyn as well, and it was more expensive and they were not as nice. So the price is great.

Oh, I found it through the website, and one of the things that I really liked was that I was able to see all the videos and I was able to see how involved is Marli with everything. Like that she came here first, told me how everything was going to be and before the girls came to the apartment. I really liked that."

Ms. Mariana
Boston, MA


Ms. Mariana And Marli
Marli's Also Very Flexible.
Everything Looks spotless.

"I Couldn't Be Happier With The Quality Of Cleaning"

"I'm Liz. I moved into this house about six months ago, and I was looking for a cleaning service to help me. I was pregnant with the baby at the time, and I also have a two-and-a-half year old daughter, so I needed some help keeping up with the house and the cleaning.

I looked on Angie's List, and Marli's Cleaning got excellent, excellent reviews, so I called her. She called me back immediately, and came over. Took a look at the house. She talked to me about the kinds of jobs and the types of cleaning they would be doing on a weekly basis. She gave me a very reasonable price. She told me that her cousin Leia would be the one that would be coming to my house every week, which was fine.

I wasn't sure what to expect. I've had a couple different cleaning companies in the various houses that I've lived over the past few years. Marli's Cleaning and Leia, and Kate have been the best by a lot, actually. No comparison. Their prices are reasonable. They do an amazing job. Every time my husband comes home on Tuesday nights, he like, "Wow, this house always looks so good."

They do the blinds, they do all the corners, the baseboards. They load the dishwasher, they do my laundry. They don't miss anywhere. I couldn't be happier with the quality of cleaning that they've given to me and my family.

The other thing is that they're just wonderful people. I was pregnant with the baby when they started. Then I had a very little newborn. And they've helped me when he was crying and I had my hands full with the other daughter, just to go the extra mile. To do whatever I needed, if I needed an extra hand with the babies, or whatever. And never asked for any money, or anything. It was just out of the goodness of their heart.

They are honest. They are professional. They're responsive. They're easy to get ahold of if I have a schedule change. They're flexible. And, we're actually gonna be moving out of this house into a new house that we bought, and Leah and Kate are coming with us. And, I hope to have them around forever and ever, and ever, helping me out with the house and the cleaning. I highly, highly recommend them to anyone looking for cleaning help."

Ms. Elizabeth
Boston, MA


Marli, Ms. Elizabeth And Leia
The Best By A Lot, Actually. No Comparison.
They've Helped To Do Whatever I Needed
They Are Honest. I Hope To Have Them Around Forever And Ever

"They Do Such A Great Job"

"We are so happy that Marli and her team clean our house and I know it sounds like a silly thing "oh we are so happy" but it is very hard to find someone who you trust and also someone who really cares for your things like you care for your things.

I know a lot of people probably have had experiences where things were broken and not treated with care and I always have a full heart knowing that Marli and her team are going to clean my house like it was their own house.

The other thing is that they're just such nice people and they do such a great job and the house also doesn't smell toxic like toxic cleaning stuff, it just smells great and beautiful when it's all cleaned. We are just thrilled that we at long last found Marli and her team."

Ms. Leslie
Boston, MA


Ms. Leslie And Marli
[The House] Just Smells Great And Beautiful When It's All Cleaned.

"Her Team Is Very Pleasant, Very Responsive"

"I have worked with Marli's Cleaning for about a year and a half, I found them on craiglist and I found Marli and her team.

I work mostly with Marli but her team is very pleasant, very responsive, their rates are very good, better than what I can find in the area and they do a very thorough job and I'm pretty particular about cleaning my office so, they meet those needs and I really appreciate it.

I hope to continue [working together] whether it ends up in other offices, who knows. I really like the job. I absolutely [recommend].

I bring Marli's name up on occasion and when it's asked and hopefully they call you. Everyone in the building uses Marli as well. They really enjoy her."

Ms.  Laura
Boston, MA


Marli And Ms. Laura
They Do A Very Thorough Job

"She Went Above And Beyond What I Expected"

I'm very happy with Marli's cleaning, they've been doing my house for over a year now and I'm the sole caretaker of an 87 year-old man.

It's very affordable, they clean the entire house and frankly, they did much more than I ever expected them to and coming home after a day when they have cleaned is just one of the best days of my month.

I have monthly cleaning and the service is amazing. Extremely affordable, and with the care of my grandfather, I have a lot to do and don't have time to do the house myself and it's just an amazing, amazing job that they do; and at a great rate.

I would definitely recommend Marli's cleaning to anyone and everyone that she would be willing to go to, she's just incredible, her team is incredible, the ladies are all very nice, trustworthy, I just couldn't say enough.

I didn't expect them to clean as well as they cleaned. I always thought "only I can clean my house, only I will take the time and care to clean it in this way" but actually they went well beyond anything that I would have done so in that sense, moving furniture around and cleaning behind things which is something I don't do until I move. She went above and beyond what 'expected. Really happily surprised and very happy with her service."

Ms.  Kimberly
Boston, MA


Marli And Ms. Kimberly
The Service Is Amazing. Extremely Affordable
I Would Definitely Recommend Marli's Cleaning To Anyone

"We Thank Marli And Leia For That"

"I am Teresa Blagg, one of the owners of The Gryphon House. An 8-room guest house in Kenmore Square in Boston. It's a high quality place and I depend on the best cleaners to come here and work with me: Marli Silva and her associate Leia.

We've been in business for 16 years. We are very top ranked on TRIP Advisor. One of the things if you go to our website and look our ratings on Trip Advisor, is that people will always say how clean and beautiful the place is. And we thank Marli and Leia for that."

Ms.  Teresa
The Gryphon House


Ms. Teresa And Marli
That People Will Always Say How Clean And Beautiful The Place Is

"They are very reliable"

"Well, Marli's cleaning has been coming into my house for several years cleaning. They are just great they come in they come when they say they're going to come, it's the same person that comes every month. And they take just a few hours to go through my house. Clean it, vacuum it, wash floors, clean the bathroom, they just clean it, keep it clean all the time now, I don't have to worry about anything. They are very reliable.

Like I said, I have the same person coming to clean my house. Originally what they did was they came and gave me an estimate and they cleaned my house from top to bottom and now they just maintain it. So it's easier for them, and it's easy for me.

The price is great, they have great products. They are very friendly I'm very comfortable having them come into my house. I either leave the door open, or I leave a key for them somewhere and when I come home, my house is clean.

There's nothing greater than coming home, everything is where it's supposed to be. There's no dust, no little dust bunnies running around.I love it! It's the best decision I ever made; was to get a house cleaner. Definitely! Definitely. I wouldn't be here saying any of this if I didn't believe in her 100% and wasn't 100% satisfied."

Ms. Gail
Boston, MA


Ms. Mariana And Marli
The Price Is Great, They Have Great Products. They Are Very Friendly
There's No Dust, No Little Dust Bunnies Running Around. I Love It!